Frequently asked questions

Do I absolutely need a website?

With the rapidly developing online space, we all get our information from the Internet – we educate ourselves, get acquainted with new products, learn about new services, and advertisers are just waiting for this!

They know very well that this is the way to reach more people and make a small business big. That is why a professionally developed site with one, several or more web pages will be not only an advantage and a chance for growth, but also a sure step on the way to success!

This is often the first and most asked question we get! It is understandable, and mandatory for any business, to allocate your budget across all channels – investment, resources, advertising, personnel, etc.

However, building a site can vary in large financial ranges. This depends on site volume, build time, design complexity and support options. Contact us with more details about what you want and we will present you with an individual offer!

How much does a website cost?

How long will the site take to be ready?

After the deadlines for domain registration and hosting purchase have passed, the site can be developed both within a week and in several – up to months! It also depends on the volume of the site and its structure.

One to three page websites can be ready in days!

1. We will discuss with you the requirements you have, make a general plan of action and prepare an offer for the purpose.
2. You choose your domain – the name of the site, which should be like the name of your brand.
3. Choosing a site structure – pages, layout, content and everything else.
4. Discussion and determination of style and design.
5. Actual work on the site – creation of modules, integration and configuration.
6. Site content management.
7. SEO plan, development and implementation.
8. Registration in search engines, development of the functionality and familiarization of the client with the admin panel and the way the site works.

What is the website development process?

What is a domain?

The domain is the name your site will bear. It is good that it has the same name as your business, so that it is recognizable and easy to remember!

The domain is the first and mandatory part of the process.

In order for your site to exist online, it needs servers to host it on.

This is the technical part of the process that you don’t need to engage with, but should still consider as part of your pricing.

What is web hosting?

Is hosting and domain paid once?

No. It is important to know that these are services that renew each year and your subscription is paid on an annual basis.

To build a brand identity, your website, logo and everything else related to your business should be consistent, cohesive and convey the same message. This includes the right selection of colors and palettes, fonts, style and more!

It is good to be prepared by a designer, and if you stop at BRANDIDEA, you will get this service with a guaranteed perfect end result!

Who will choose the web design of my site?

How is the design chosen?

Before we start the real part, the designer will discuss with you the different options for the look of the site, the color schemes, the structure and every other detail necessary for the perfect final look of your online space.

Yes, you can

We also work with pre-made themes from which you can choose the one that will best suit your expectations of the site’s design and structure.

Can I choose a pre – made site template?

Can I change anything on the site at a later stage?

Of course you can!

However, it is good to agree with us in advance to assess whether the change you want is feasible at the stage we have reached.

Yes! If you decide that you want to turn your site into an online store or add more pages and functionalities, it won’t be a problem at all!

However, this will affect the final fabrication cost.

Can I request additional services and functionalities for the site?

What is SEO optimization of a site?

The optimization of a site is related to its performance in online search engines such as Google.

In order for it to appear on the first pages of results, it needs to be optimized. This is why initial SEO work is a must.

Site optimization is related to meta tags in the code of each page of the site, meta descriptions and titles, alt text, links and other specifics that require not only experience, but also a lot of knowledge.

Of course, you can contribute to good optimization when you take care of the maintenance of your site, but we recommend that you mainly have this done by a professional.

Can we optimize our site ourselves?

Do I need a blog?

A blog is a wonderful addition to any site, but of course it matters what kind of blog it is. If you have a simple portfolio site with one to three pages, you don’t even need to blog.

But if you want to develop your brand online, then blog articles will help both to keep your customers more informed and for the optimization of the entire site.

Some clients already have their own website created, but want to change its structure, design or basically the look.

The redesign may be partial or complete. It depends on the changes you want – change of logo and color scheme, change of functionalities, change of individual modules or others.

What is a redesign?

Should I promote and advertise my site?

Advertising is an essential part of digital marketing. You can decide for yourself whether to wait with this, whether to invest less in advertising or whether to embark on large campaigns.

In any case, however, this is inevitable if your goals are sales and site success.

If you already know that you need a site and want to take the first step – just write to us!

Contact us and we will prepare an individual offer to meet your time and work requirements.

What is the start-up process, how do I order the creation of a website?