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Website for real estate management in Sofia, Stara Zagora, Burgas, Varna and Plovdiv.

Built a website in Bulgarian and English, building a brand idea, strategy and logo.

Our team also takes care of maintaining Homdy’s social networks, advertising and blog.


Website for professional services for the home in Stara Zagora.

From BrandIdea we built the MaistorFix brand strategy.

We created the site in Bulgarian, our designers drew the logo, and the marketing department takes care of the site’s blog.

Appliances Repair London

A website for professional white goods services in London.

We built the website in English, took care of the logo and the overall presentation of white goods repair services in a brand strategy and plan.


Website for professional cleaning services in London.

We started with the construction of a brand idea and logo, and then the creation of the website in English, SEO according to the location and the services offered.

We also take care of blog maintenance.


Website for professional cleaning services in London.

We handled the development of the Southwest Cleaners website, as well as the overall branding, logo design and maintenance of a blog with articles about the industry.

The site is entirely in English.

Keen Clean

Website for professional cleaning services in London.

Another project for London. Our team took care of building the site in English, creating the logo and brand idea, as well as positioning the brand on the market.

Соня Трифонова – специален педагог

A website for professional services provided by a special pedagogue .

From BrandIdea, we built the brand strategy of Sonia Trifonova, as a special pedagogue based in Stara Zagora city.

We created the site in Bulgarian, took care of the logo, and our marketing department maintains the blog on the site

MyKiddy Sitter

Website for professional babysitters in London.

We took care of creating a website in English, doing the complete branding, logo design and maintaining a blog with articles about the industry.


Semante is a website for a professional facility, where a team of specialists work with kids with autistic disorders and special educational needs (SEN).

We BrandIdea created a brand strategy for Daytime Therapeutic Centre Semante, based in Stara Zagora.

The website is created in Bulgarian for the purposes, designed the logo and our marketing team took care of the optimization of the blog.

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